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Who we are

Founded in Albuquerque in 2003, Ardham Technologies has grown over the past two decades into a trusted full-service provider of premier IT and cybersecurity solutions. Guided by our founding principles of care, collaboration, dedication, respect, and the pursuit of excellence, we foster an empowering environment where our 30+ specialists can thrive.

We offer a wide array of services including managed IT services, network infrastructure, advanced technology implementations, risk assessments, top-tier cybersecurity protection, cloud-based solutions, disaster recovery planning, and more. Our comprehensive support is tailored to perfectly match the unique needs of any organization and empower them to safeguard infrastructures, unlock efficiencies, and drive growth.

Ultimately, our passion lies in sustaining genuine human connections while providing innovative technology that augments and uplifts local businesses. We take pride in enabling local organizations to truly thrive.

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4200 Osuna Rd, Suite 3-310
Albuquerque, NM 87109

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Contact Us

New Mexico
4200 Osuna Rd, Suite 3-310
Albuquerque, NM 87109

203 E. Main Street, Suite 201
Round Rock, TX 78664