Penetration Testing

Are you concerned about the strength of your network security?

With penetration testing from Ardham Technologies in Albuquerque, NM, your business will have the information it needs to make its network more secure.


Penetration testing is a way for IT professionals to test your network’s security for vulnerabilities including OS, service and application flaws, improper configurations and end-user behavior. This helps us at Ardham Technologies validate the efficacy of your security system and for you to monitor end-users’ with security policies.

Penetration tests are performed by IT professionals using manual or automatic technologies to safely and systematically put in danger:

  • Servers
  • Endpoints
  • Web applications
  • Wireless networks
  • Network devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Other access points of exposure

Once Ardham Technologies has successfully detected weaknesses, they can begin to create strategic conclusions and prioritize related interventions.


Penetration testing is an important tool used to detect weaknesses within your network so your business’ data is not compromised. In addition to detecting threats, penetration testing:

  • Early Detection. Penetration testing saves on costs related to security breaches by detecting them before they become larger issues.
  • Safeguards Information. Technology is growing and changing every day, meaning we need to be able to consistently look for new vulnerabilities and attacks that are evolving technically.
  • Identifies & Priorities Risks. With penetration testing, Ardham Technologies is able to evaluate your organization’s ability to protect its networks, applications, endpoints and internal/external attempts for unauthorized access.

Ardham Technologies performs penetration testing for its clients on a regular basis to create a more consistent network security management. This helps us detect new threats, emerging vulnerabilities, and create regularly scheduled analysis and assessments as required by regulatory mandates.


Ardham Technologies has experienced IT professionals you can trust. We work hard to provide you and your company with the best in network security and monitoring. We offer regularly schedule penetration testing to ensure your network is secure and your company’s data is safe. Contact us to learn more about our security solutions for your Albuquerque, NM business.

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