Qualified Computer Repair Technicians in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ardham Technologies prides itself on providing extraordinary solutions to businesses’ IT challenges, and our highly qualified IT professionals are the reason we can.

When businesses face productivity losses because of hardware or software issues, our solution is to send skilled computer repair technicians to provide extraordinary service.


Ardham Technologies employs highly qualified professionals to provide computer repair services. Our technicians have bachelor’s degrees in either information technology (IT) or managed information systems (MIS). Additionally, our computer repair technicians possess a range of industry certifications, such as:

  • CompTIA
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • VMware
  • Apple

Our technicians’ credentials ensure they have the knowledge and experience to solve your software and hardware issues.


At Ardham Technologies, our technicians’ credentials are not the only way we guarantee quality repair service. We take a personalized approach to ensure that you receive extraordinary service.

You get to know your technician team. These professionals know your business’ network environment, and they take extensive notes. In the event that your preferred technician is not available, another one of our computer repair technicians can readily assist and resolve the issue.

When we need to provide on-site computer repair services, we take security seriously. Ardham Technologies technicians can be identified by their badges, and they will report in to the office manager and/or the person who created the request before beginning repair service.

If you need computer repair service or are looking for a managed IT service company in Albuquerque, NM, contact Ardham Technologies.

At Ardham Technologies, we put the best of breed products and network design to work for us, and we will do the same for you.

To learn more about what makes us the best managed service provider in Albuquerque, NM, contact us at 505-872-9040.

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