Server Virtualization for Your Albuquerque, New Mexico Business

Maintaining network hardware is one of the largest IT expenses a company faces, even if you house your physical servers off-site.

Inefficient use of servers and the need for redundancy often mean that you possess more hardware than is really necessary for network operations. Ardham Technologies can help you improve the efficiency of your network and cost effectiveness of your IT investments through server virtualization.


Servers are today’s “super computers”—hardware with enormous computing potential. However, servers are still designed to run a single operating system at a time, significantly limiting their operational capacity to under 20%. Server virtualization significantly increases server capacity by separating the operating system and other software from the hardware in order to create a virtual machine. Several virtual machines, running different operating systems and applications, can live on a single physical server, increasing the utility and efficiency of that server many times over.


Server virtualization allows you to consolidate your network onto fewer physical servers. By more efficiently using your resources, businesses can:

  • Simplify network management
  • Improve network performance
  • Save up to 50% on IT capital expenses and operating costs*

Server virtualization also allows you to move your entire network to the cloud, freeing your business of the responsibility and cost of maintaining physical servers. A cloud-based system is automatically backed up, making a more redundant system, which minimizes down time and facilitates faster disaster recovery.


Server virtualization is a highly specialized IT field. Most in-house technicians do not have the experience necessary to consolidate your business’ entire network. The professionals at Ardham Technologies have the networking expertise you need to simplify your network architecture or design and deploy a lean network infrastructure from the ground up. Contact us to learn more about moving your network to the cloud.

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